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Air duct cleaning does NOT prevent the spread of Covid-19

Blog Air duct cleaning does NOT prevent the spread of Covid-19

In a case like our current world condition, rumors and false claims tend to arise. One of the claims that concerns us is that air duct cleaning can prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Don't fall for false claims

First of all, air duct cleaning does NOT prevent the spread of COVID-19. There is very limited information on the virus and no evidence to support this claim.

REHVA, or the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations, published a document that outlines HVAC guidance towards Coronavirus.

The document states that viruses attached to small particles will not deposit easily within the ductwork meaning that with or without a duct cleaning, the virus can still circulate throughout the home. While a duct cleaning is recommended for overall cleanliness of a home, it will not prevent the virus.


You can, however, take a few steps to help curb the spread throughout your HVAC system. As stated in the document, cycling in more fresh air into your home or business is an important step you can take. This means opening more windows to allow your ventilation system to circulate more fresh air into the home or business.

"General recommendation is to stay away from crowded and poorly ventilated spaces. In buildings without mechanical ventilation systems it is recommended to actively use operable windows (much more than normally, even when this causes some thermal discomfort). Window airing then is the only way to boost air exchange rates. One could open windows for 15 min or so when entering the room (especially when the room was occupied by others beforehand). Also, in buildings with mechanical ventilation, window airing can be used to further boost ventilation." REHVA

It is also important to understand that air conditioning and humidification is also unnecessary as the document states that the virus is only susceptible to temperatures greater than 86 degrees fahrenheit and a humidity level of 80% or higher. These conditions are clearly unacceptable for homes and businesses.

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