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BOGO Furnace and AC (HVAC Mythbusters)

Blog BOGO Furnace and AC (HVAC Mythbusters)

By this point, you’ve probably seen an ad or two offering “buy one get one free (BOGO)” on a furnace and air conditioner. Seems like a pretty good deal, right? Well, it might be, but be careful before you go ahead with it. There’s a chance you’re not getting a deal at all.

The truth behind the BOGO

Some companies offer this special as a way to get your attention and sell you on the offer alone when in reality, with a free furnace or AC, you could still be paying thousands more than you would with another company. (The BOGO furnace or AC isn’t really free, is it? No.)

The problem is that furnace and AC prices are arbitrary

There is no pricing standard so companies can charge whatever they want at the expense of their customer. It’s uncommon to know the cost of a furnace replacement or AC installation so you never really know if the “deal” you’re getting is really a deal at all.

You can get an instant second opinion online

Thankfully, you can get a free second opinion online from us and it only takes a minute. On every page of our website is a link to get a free estimate, whether it be for a new furnace, AC, water heater, etc.. It’s a tool we developed to help people get an instant estimate online at their own leisure, rather than having a salesperson come into their home and sell them on things they don’t need.

Of course, our quotemyhvac tool provides an estimate and somebody would have to come take measurements and pictures to finalize the quote but it is relatively accurate with our pricing and should give you a good jumping off point for what kind of price you should be looking for.

Our goal is to end the era of overcharging for heating and cooling. It’s unnecessary and preying on the fact that the common person doesn’t know what they should be paying for this service. You should be able to trust the companies that come out to give you a quote but that’s not always the case, so go ahead and give our quotemyhvac tool a try next time you’re shopping for quotes, you may be surprised.

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